Baku girl in Toscana

Starting a series of Nargismagazine supplements, we thought seriously on necessity of culinary supplement. Namely, with this purpose, our editor-in-chief Ulviya Rahmanova went to Tuscany with aim to meet with Nika Belotserkovskaya (known, as a blogger with name belonika), a popular author of culinary books, a publisher on a part time basis and business women. Due to keen interest on experimenting, unexpected approach and absolute simplicity at food cooking, make recipes (or named according to her book Big recipes) quite attractive.

We bring to your attention the recipe of pasta cooking with mushrooms and desserts and also a video clip with whole cooking porcess. Dish cooking is managed by Silvia Baracchi, who is a chief-cook and, at the same time, a co-owner of the restaurant Il Falconiere, located in complex Relais and Chateau- Il Falconiere.

A new supplement "Delicatessen" is to become the next replenishment in family of Nargis editions during this spring. Don’t miss this chance!


Pasta with mushrooms

For pasta:

flour -300 gr.

eggs- 3pc.

2 table-spoons of water

1 tabl- spoon of oil

Pinch of salt


To pour flour into bowl, to add pinch of salt and to mix. To lay out flour on wooden board, to make a hollow in the centre, to add eggs one at a time and to add some olive oil. To start kneading dough and make circles with fork, while picking up flour from sides. To add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1-2 tablespoons of water. To continue mixing until formation of elastic ball. To sprinkle ball with flour, to wrap into film and to leave it for 30 minutes or 1 hour. (longer you keep, better will be result)


To sprinkle flour on table, to get dough out of film, to unroll in thin layer. It is better to use long rolling pin. You shouldn’t sprinkle too much flour, otherwise pasta will be tough. There is a good trick, to roll in dough on pin but to roll it out from other side. Thinner dough is good for ravioli a little bit thicker dough is for tagliatelle. To put aside rolled dough for a short time with aim to get slightly dry. To roll dough from both sides towards center, to cut medium size strips with knife, and to pick it up knife for hanging tagliatelle over knife. To put on tray, sprinkled with semolina (as it does not absorb water). It is possible to wrap this pasta in film and to store in fridge for several days. To cook fresh pasta till al-dente (depends on pasta a thickness, to taste after it emerges).


To prepare sauce:

To cut red onion, to fry it and to add garlic, pancetta, cut in large pieces, cleaned and washed mushrooms, to cook on low heat,

To cut and add mint, parsley and thyme for cooking mushrooms. To add salt, pepper. To wait for 25-30 minutes until mushrooms gets dry from liquid and become dark. For better view to roast mushrooms cut in large pieces (lengthwise) with olive oil.

To boil pasta in water with slightly added salt

To mix in frying pan with sauce, to decorate with fried mushrooms and half Confit tomato and to grate truffle above it.

Ricotta and figs

Make hard boiling confectionery: sugar and water (a little bit more sugar) by moistening edges with brush in avoidance of slight burning.

When confectionery is ready, to put figs into dish with rear side, to sprinkle coriander (seeds), cinnamon. To cook on low heat, approximately, for 10-15 min.

Photo: Pier Nicola Bruno