About Nargis

The date of December 13, 2012 was marked by the release of the new NARGIS magazine. Claiming to be unique and exclusive, the magazine effectively stands out from the mass by the presence of such rare these days intellectual component. Moving away from the "women's" fashion magazine format, NARGIS acts as a diverse edition and opens up unlimited opportunities for education in a wide variety of cultural areas. Fashion is presented as an important, but not the only component of the publication, as there is undoubtedly a cultural element in the fashion phenomenon, which defines the general style of its development and specificity. Extensive material covering information about art, history, culture gives sufficient portion of food for thought.

Five reasons to choose NARGIS magazine:

  1. The vast majority of existing glossy magazines create a "fashion image" as a society-wide phenomenon occupying a certain social space. They reproduce an established life standard - the standard of secular, glamorous life. The magazine moves away from the current stereotypes and invites the potential reader to firstly dive not into the world of fashion, but into the world of culture, in which fashion is one of the important components.
  2. The magazine offers the most recent overview of recent world events and fashion trends firsthand.
  3. NARGIS is a great opportunity for a creative personalities to reveal themselves and open their inner world. The exchange of thoughts, introduction to a different life philosophy and searching of your own - all this becomes possible within our edition.
  4. Competent presentation and impeccable stylistics, originality of ideas, allowing to assess the publication as coordinated work of talented and creative team.
  5. Realization of special projects and social campaigns