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Love, NARGIS: Мальдивы

Love, NARGIS: Maldives

Our traveler – the responsible editor Leila Sultanzade did not limit herself to passive rest on snow-white sand and contemplation of turquoise ocean smooth surface
Love, Nargis: рождественские ярмарки Европы

Love, Nargis: Christmas Markets in Europe

Fidan and Ramin Aliyevs have made a family voyage to the most beautiful cities of Europe – Vienna and Prague – to experience the magic of Christmas fairs, to skate, to drink Glühwein, to try candied nuts and fried chestnuts
Love, Nargis: Nurai Fest

Love, Nargis: Nurai Fest

The Nurai Fest music festival in the UAE was held this year for the first time and was organized in just three weeks – we couldn't miss it. The next Travel blog Love, Nargis traveler, Jamila Salam went to Nurai's "Island of Millionaires": for two days she experienced all the hardships of luxurious vacation on the white sands of Arab Maldives, rode the fastest American roller coaster in the world at Ferrari Park and honestly documented everything that happened
Love, Nargis: Милан

Love, Nargis: Milan

Nigar Gahramanova, editor of the Luxury segment of Nargis magazine, spent couple days in one of the world's fashion capitals, passing 15 kilometers each day to feed pigeons on Piazza del Duomo and see all the ancient shopping centers, famous pizzerias and cathedrals of Milan.
Love, Nargis: Oktoberfest

Love, Nargis: Oktoberfest

October issue of Travel blog Love, Nargis could only be dedicated to one holiday – gastronomic extravaganza, the greatest beer party, Oktoberfest
Love, NARGIS: Монтенегро

Love, NARGIS: Montenegro

We decided to complete the summer season on the richest flap of the Adriatic – Montenegro. Our traveler, the web editor of Nargis magazine Guzel visited the most beautiful places of this fabulous country and got her portion of the drive at the Sea Dance music festival
Love, Nargis: Sziget 2019

Love, Nargis: Sziget 2019

Having returned from our Spanish holidays, we held a contest on Nargis' social networks, and the winner of this contest Saida Gorbunova went to Central Europe to discover one of the largest European festivals, Sziget!


Meet the third issue of the Travel blog Love Nargis project! Our next traveller headed to Spain to see with her own eyes two large festivals at once: San Fermin and MadCool music festival!


The route is laid by the inquisitive and observant editor-in-chief of the Nargis magazine Ulviyya Makhmudova. We fly to one of the most popular destinations


Meet our brand new project – Travel blog Love Nargis! Our first traveler Sonya Mamedova has made a 20-hour flight to see the largest musical festival of the North American continent with her own eyes, and it is Coachella!