Cafe that gives a chance for a full life

“What is your name?”

“Arzu and what is yours?”

“My name is Jalal”. Then with the same bold voice he turned his attention to the next visitor: “What is your name?”   

Cafe employees Jalal and Mohammed 

And the same occurred with everyone, to disregard someone would be unimaginable for him.

If you thought, that he asked names out of politeness, then you were mistaken. He remembered all of us. In name.

We, representatives of Azerfon mobile operator, headed by the Chief Executive Officer Gunnar Panke and employees of Nargismagazine were by few persons  more than 10.

On the 2nd of October, the Kashalata cafe-studio, where children suffering from autism work, opened its doors to us. They accept the order themselves, serve tea and spreads, they are always service minded or remove from the table unnecessary things.

Autism isn’t a verdict and it isn’t a label. Modern interpretations of autism have become outdated in the best case scenario and mislead in the worst case scenario. Yes, diagnoses distinguish significantly, depending on what specific features present and how brightly they are reflected. However, there are frequent cases, when people with autism possess phenomenal memory or exclusive talent. They are ready to accomplish assigned tasks scrupulously, may test themselves both in music, in science and achieve extreme heights.

It is necessary to note, that the Kashalata cafe works under the guidance of the “Birga va Saglam” public union and more than 70 children, suffering from autism live, in its rehabilitation centre. This union also provides with workplaces, suitable for them.

During the visit, as cafe clients, the employees of telecommunication operator gave a coffee-machine to Kashalata, as a present: now visitors may taste concentrated coffee or Cappuccino. Depending on taste.

The cafe is located in Ibrahimpasha Dadashov str.29 (near A.Sultanova's monument). Children impatiently look forward to seeing you!