He, who paints love

Judging the way I paint, I think in my previous life I was most probably an artist. And it seems to me, that I was very “hungry”. One way or another, the moment I have some free time I start to look for brand new creations of our time, and I tell you observing a live artist is also interesting. Who is he? Where does he live? And what affects the way he paints?


For several years I have been observing the warm art by Joseph Lorusso. He paints supposedly the life he has watched – in cafes, museums, and apartments of his characters. When I learned that Joseph was born in 1966 in Chicago, I was a bit surprised – his subjects were too Parisian, well, or remotely Stockholmish. In them, he sometimes becomes an unintentional witness to scenes of everyday life: a kiss in a bistro, a hug, sensual dance, enjoying the masterpiece of Toulouse Lautrec or sleep on Sunday evening.


Since Lorusso is Italian by birth, his parents instilled little Joseph in love of art by visits to Italy, in particular, to Italian masters. Later, Lorusso discovered the Impressionists. Admiring them, he was looking for similar works, more and more immersed in the work of various artists and soon became a passionate student of painting.


"I believe truly great art serves as a trigger into something deeper within all of us," says the artist. The mood and emotions conveyed in his paintings evoke a feeling of warmth, as in calm times of everyday life. His people are mysterious, lonely, romantic and yet familiar – depicted in places where we ourselves often spend time. Perhaps that is why his works have gained such popularity: by communicating with their audience through this simplicity, they resonate with something intimate, very personal.


Lorusso's works are exhibited internationally and have received many awards and honors. His art was published in the magazines like “American Artist”, “Southwest Art”, “Art and Antiques” and others. Artist's paintings are included in many private collections and permanent collections of a huge number of American galleries.

Do you like his romantic works?


Zeynab Jahan