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Our restless travelers rise on dizzy heights, find the best angles for pictures and generously share their impressions. Their credo is better once to see, than hundred times to hear or read.

We already showed you grandiose musical festival in Coachella valley, in new episode of travel blog by Nargis we go to geographically closer country – Turkey. The route is laid by the inquisitive and observant editor-in-chief of the Nargis magazine Ulviyya Makhmudova. The winner of a competition on our social networks makes her company. And we fly to one of the most popular destinations, Mecca for lovers and photographers, fantastic Cappadocia!

We thank our sponsors, this issue would not be released without their support! Thanks to Azercell we can instantly share the most exciting moments even from the most remote corners of the Earth. Thanks to support of PASHA Bank we avoid lines at exchange currency cash desks – and we are not worried about cash loss, and PASHA Travel cares for that our travel took place safely and with the maximum comfort.

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