Masters of their destiny

Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King, Marlene Dietrich, Ellen DeGeneres, and David Bowie – born under Capricorn zodiac sign could be named as children of Pricus. Their ambitiousness and stubbornness to follow their way and be fully in control of their destiny resonate with the Capricorn mythology. In Greek mythology, Pricus looked like a symbol of the Capricorn sign, a sea-goat with a front half as a goat and lower half as a tail of a fish. He was created by Chronos. The legend says that Pricus also had sea-goat children who could speak. They were naturally drawn to the shore instead of staying with their father at sea. They used their front goat legs to climb onto the beach and lay in the sun. The longer they stayed on the beach, the more they transmuted into regular goats that we know today. Their fishtails changed to legs, and they lost their ability to speak.

After losing several of his children, Pricus decided to make sure that they never get to the shore again. As the father of the sea-goat race, he couldn’t allow his children to become mindless animals who could never return to the sea. He used his ability to reverse time and prevent his children from going to the shore. During time reversal, Pricus warned and even forbid the sea-goats from stepping onto the land. However, the children still decided to go to the shore and became regular goats again. No matter how many times he reversed time, the goats found their way onto land. When Pricus finally realized that he couldn’t control the destiny of his children, he stopped reversing time and resigned to his loneliness. He gave up all his attempts and let his children live their lives out to their destiny. Goats became one of the first animals to be domesticated. Pricus begged Chronos to help him die as he was immortal and didn’t want to be the only sea-goat. Instead of the way out, Chronos threw Pricus up into the night sky as the constellation Capricorn. Now he was able to watch over his children from up above even on the highest mountain tops. Today, we can see the ancestors of modern goats in ancient rock art in Gobustan. This ancient sign is also referred to as the Gate of the Gods, where souls rise after death. It is also connected with the renewal of life at midwinter. At the winter solstice, the sun rises to its lowest point in the sky and stands still for three days, which symbolizes death. Then the sun is reborn, which symbolizes defeating death and immortality. In India, the Capricorn zodiac sign is celebrated as the Makara Sankranti festival. As per the Indian astronomical calendar, the festival takes place either on 14th or 15th January every year, when the Sun enters the Capricorn sign. Capricorn is an earth sign represented by a creature that comes from the sea, a feminine sign ruled by the patriarch Saturn.


Professional boxer Muhammad Ali was known for being cocky. His famous boasting about his skills was that he could “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” in the boxing ring. He promoted himself as the greatest ever before people knew his name. This is because he was over-committed. And if you are over-committed, you must overperform. He applied military discipline to his training to develop himself to greatest levels. Capricorns can be incredibly hard on themselves and have a lot of respect for those who are focused on their goals. You will hardly see them dealing with important matters casually. And they hold other people in their lives to unfeasible standards.


Coming from African-American family in the era of racism, Baptist minister and civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. not only won the Nobel Peace Prize but is continued to be remembered as one of the most influential African-American leaders in the history. People had faith in his judgment and seek his advice. He demonstrated his Capricorn’s ability to inspire others with his dedication to what he believed in, and patience to fight for civil rights with non-violent protests. Looking at the USA today, his 1963 “I have a dream” speech became a reality.


They called her femme fatale. A woman with a distinctive tone of voice, arching brows was known as an icon of culture shock. Marlene Dietrich dressed in men’s tuxedo in 1930’s film ‘Morocco’ gave a first on-screen girl-to-girl kiss. She exemplifies the sophisticated nature of Capricorn, a feminine charismatic woman who personifies grace. Mature and serious Capricorns are known for wearing dark colors. Identified as a confident and assertive woman, Dietrich exuded simple elegance. “I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for the fashion, not for men,” she would say.


With many personas over the years, Ziggy Stardust was the most notorious for David Bowie. According to Bowie’s plot, humanity was in its final five years of existence. The omnisexual alien rock-star came to Earth to deliver the message of hope. He lasted for three years, before announcing his ‘retirement’ onstage in London. This alter-ego took a toll on him, as it drove Bowie insane. He could be witty and funny at one moment and grumpy at the very next. These mood swings made him behave irresponsibly. The aplomb musician’s surname was also a stage name that was taken from the versatile American knife. “I like the idea... the Bowie knife… cuts both ways – I felt there was something terribly ambiguous about the name,” said the musician in his interview with BBC.


“Follow your passion. Stay true to yourself. Never follow someone else's path, unless you're in the woods, and you're lost, and you see a path. By all means, you should follow that.” This is witty advice from Ellen DeGeneres, comedian, and host of the eponymous talk show. The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a destination for inspiring laughter, pranks and funny humor. The show attracts the viewers with unpredictable fun with Hollywood’s top celebrities, like breaking a bottle over Sandra Bullock’s head or scaring off P. Diddy with the clown. Like a true Capricorn, Ellen is a loyal friend and has a funny sense of humor. Her closest pal is Jennifer Aniston, who was the first guest on her show when it was premiered in 2003.


When on January 13, 2013, I was holding in my hands little, wrinkled, crimson lump of flesh, cheeping to the cool and bright world, my journey to the extraordinary world of Capricorn had begun. My daughter keeps surprising me with a very logical, practical, but yet hypersensitive perception of the world. At the age of five, she told me: “Mommy, I know the power of my thought.” I assume, this is what unites all Capricorns, they know that they can achieve absolutely everything – no excuses.

Text by Leyli Salayeva

Photo: press-materials

The material was published in the 67th issue.