ZEYNAB JAHAN: Park Monceau

London parks are called “city lungs”, however, Paris considered, as one of the most green spaced cities of Europe, doesn’t concede it either. Without vague feeling of uneasiness Paris parks may be called, as creation of landscape art.

The most versatile styles and functional purposes are presented: English, French, state, private, entertaining, greenhouses, parks for animals and many other things. The French capital hosts great number of tourists, and parks couldn’t have come at a better time for keeping of city balance.

I would also invite readers to the Park Monceau, situated near the Arc de Triomphe, on the right shore of the city of a light. It owes its existence to the duke de Chartre, Louis Philippe, who wished constructing some pavilion of the French garden. Since then the Park Monceau entitled the Mousseaux village, located on in the same place, was exposed to all structural and architectural changes every possible way by centuries earlier. First, the Scottish gardener-landscapist attained more English style to it. Then, during the Revolution state authorities used a garden, as a stage for organization of royal balls. And it wasn’t until the mid of the 19th century, when Baron Haussmann managed partially rehabilitating it to its original state and then transforming it back to the public park.

Nowadays, it is a huge and strikingly beautiful pavilion with pseudo antique architectural structures. In addition to broad terraces, lawns and the winter garden, Park Monceau is an actual oxygen oasis. By vegetation it does not concede to any other Parisian park, at least by the fact that it has 200-year-old plane tree, which is turned to the real Parisian place of interest. Simulation of Corinthian columns, transforming this English garden in Paris centre to some museum of Greek, Egyptian, Dutch and even Chinese structures are Park’s specific features.

Park Monceau is an ideal place for each and every kind of amusement whole year long such, as taking a walk alone or with kids or set to morning jogging, doing Pilates or martial arts! Come round to the following address: 35 Boulevard de Courcelles address in 8th canton.


Zeynab Jahan