The most fashionable shades of 2020

According to WGSN, which is considered to be, as a reputable agency on trend forecast in fashion and design area, Millenial Pink is expected to lose grounds for two-year period and to give place to a new stylish palette of the next generation. The neo- mint color, which is, at the same time, natural and technological one, has all chances to become the fanciest shade of summer 2020. The offhand “hospital” walls were painted that color at the futuristic show of autumn and winter Gucci collection. Chill creeps from it, however, we shouldn’t forget, 2020 is to arrive immediately after Scott Ridley’s “Blade runner” events and no alternative is presumed.

On the 6th of September the head of Dazed Digital’s fashion department, Emma Hope Allwood, the expert of analytic agency WGSN, Jane Boddy and the Coloro;s content editor, Joanne Thomas are to discuss, which shades are supposed to accompany neo-mint at all podiums in two-year period. Main five shades are Purist Blue, Cassis, Cantaloupe and Mellow Yellow.