How to save your skin?

From which criteria do we select cosmetics? Targeting awareness of the producer’s brand and feedback through internet, do we just stretch out habitually for an appealing tube or bottle?

Thorough study of composition of purchased preparations should be one of the main rules for fans of beauty and body care. The most celebrated adepts of beauty movement have already learned for many years to decode ink-horn captions on glossy packs and ceased to be an easy prey for marketing experts. Today we shall disclose these secrets for you too.


if you are with beauty adepts for a long period, then you apparently you learned the Primary mantra: “Moisturizing and nourishment”.

What do moisturizers present to us? Unfortunately, the point is, most of all, about surface action on derm (no matter how hot the promise on deep moisturizing would sound). Merely, NMF components allow affecting deeper skin layers. These are amino acids, urea, lactic acids, peptides, enabling deep moisturizing. Indeed, skin itself possesses similar features, as complex of these components is available in it. NMF cream will allow skin obtaining higher moisture, contributing to comfort and freshness.

Nourishment creams absorb skin by fatty substances. They possess dense texture and are obviously perceived on skin. As a rule nourishment creams are obligatory for females with dry skin and represent optimal skin care for cold time of year.  


If your skin is subjected to inflammations, and pores are easily clogged, then “non-comedogenicity” mark, as a password is to be labeled on packages for you. This means that producer took care of preventing you from unpleasant consequences of product application, for example, formation of acnes and reddening. Guided by a special scale, you will gradually learn selecting cosmetic with low rating comedogenicity. And your skin will reward you to the full: will be radiant and you will forget about acne and clogged pores.

Improvement of care product features results in more frequent turning of “toning” to common marketing trick, not carrying serious meaning. If previously toner was one of peeling procedure chains, then presently, thanks to softening features of peeling products, this function is ceased. Thus, toning becomes throw-back gradually.

Additional genius invention of marketing experts is use of “detox” designation, concerning care products. As a matter of fact, cosmetics doesn’t remove toxins from skin only from one simple reason, as it isn’t present there. They don’t possess accumulating effect and it is possible to handle them by peeling. You will achieve revitalizing and color improvement effect by applying of the very same detox-mask, however, nothing more could be expected.


In quest of eternal youth females of elder age look for cherished caption, certifying anti-oxidation of product on packages. This feature provides skin protection from free radicals, preventing premature ageing. The most famous antioxidants are widely used vitamins A, Е и С. Anti-age products are also aimed to fight with ageing. As a rule, they moisturize skin, saturating it with retinoid (structural analog of А vitamin), vitamin С, peptides and acids.

If you have a skin, exposed to fatness, then “sebo-regulating” attribute is to be one of your favorites passwords. However, let us be realists: cosmetic products don’t affect on fat production and of functioning of adipose glands, they can’t simply penetrating too deep. Most often the products possess only mattifying effect. Niacinamide, zinc and retinoid possess sebo-regulating effect. However, its influence on production of fat is quite conditional too.

the most inveterate beauty addicts with alacrity will talk on irrespirable ecologic situation, and in conclusion will offer to you anti-pollution-cosmetics, as panacea. Special purpose of such cosmetics is protection from industrial pollutions, bonus from free radicals and sun will be as a bonus. As a matter of fact these are the same antioxidants and revitalisants.

Keep alert and listen to your own perceptions. Take care of skin, preserve it and it will respond to you.