January 25-26-27

Having a good Friday evening by listening and watching the one of the most popular operettas of Azerbaijan's musical genius Uzeyir Gadzjibekov - “Arshin Mal Alan”.

Venue: Azerbaijan State Musical Theatre

Time: 25 January, 19:00


Do not miss the chance to please your little erudites with a premiere of the "Great storyteller" ballet on Franz Schubert's music.

Venue: Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Time: 26 January, 14:00


On Saturday afternoon we are watching the cheerful company of vagrant musicians.

 Venue: Azerbaijan State Youth Theatre of Young Spectators

Time: 26 January, 12:00


Do not forget to treat yourself on Sunday evening with the joyful and bright spectacle "Sior Todero brontolon" based to the play by Carlo Goldoni.

Venue: Russian state drama theatre

Time: 27 January, 19:00


Music has played a key role in Jan Vermeer's works. We will be able to admire pictures of the Dutch painter of the 17th century and listen to ancient baroque music this Sunday.

Venue: Park Cinema, Flame Towers

Time: 27 January, 13:00