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The Earth Pig’s year began with a series of eclipses, and our February issue is not dedicated to this astronomical phenomenon by accident. Did you know, that according to Chinese medicine, women are connected with lunar phases? Both female, and lunar cycles consist of 28 days on average. So, if you, our beautiful readers, suddenly feel sick, irritated or even a depressed all of a sudden, then, it’s probably just the lunar influence. And it is so incredible! Because realizing your communication with something immense and mysterious means not only to be a part of it, but also to be able to use it. It is similar to surfing, only instead of a board is your awareness, and instead of waves – life circumstances. And we, for our part, will teach you how to easily surf the waves by help of our "Horoscope" column from the fresh "Newspaper" section which is led by the professional astrologist Gulara Samedova. In this issue You will find multiple tips about how to eclipse everybody with beauty, style, knowledge, and now the word "eclipse" will have for you absolutely new meaning! Does not work that way that life goes without ups and downs and eclipses. But if to learn how to perceive all this as a part of life cycles, as night replacing day and to spend forces not for prevention, but for learning lessons, then you start seeing any challenge as a new step to a victory, growth, recovery. Do not blame yourself for irritation, apathy, breakdown, and remember that all this is only the evidence of communication with a beautiful star which has two sides  – the dark and light one. And you need to accept both of them. P.S. And remember: the darkest hour comes before the dawn… P.P.S. On the next full moon close your eyes and, extend your arms, opening your palms to the Moon. You will feel not only emotional, but also physical connection with Selena, who will bring you power and energy.

Khalil Gibran — "You see but your shadow when you turn your back to the sun."


Ulviyya Mahmudova, Editor-in-Chief