To the future with hope

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make-up artist ‒ Ilhama Aliyeva

What is hope? In my opinion, it is always about anticipation of some happy news, definitely a favourable outcome, faith in the victory of good and justice, that even at the end of the longest tunnel we always find the light. Childhood is always hopefully drawn to the future. Exactly in the childhood are laid the ability to enjoy life, self confidence, belief in the best tomorrow ‒ that it will be surely better, brighter and more awesome, than today. Children's hearts are open to this world. But seems like with age we lose the ground under our feet, we start seeing only what our eyes want to see and we only accept the information that fits into our logic. Is this good? Although perhaps this is how our life experience is formed, and we begin to understand that it is necessary to cherish every moment of this life and be grateful for this gift. When we are young we often do some unbelievable things, often at the risk of our lives, even ignoring the laws of physics, ‒ we do what we will never be capable of in 30 years. I think it depends from the fact that the younger a person, the more confidence he has, he looks into the future with calm certainty, with big hope that tomorrow will certainly come, and it will be better than yesterday! Often after a life failure we need a person around who would give us hope ‒ believe in us, instill confidence and additional powers to continue to move forward after a failure. One thing I know is that when you get disappointed in life, lose hope, stop believing that Good is more powerful than Evil, and you are afraid of tomorrow, you need to try to let go of the situation for some time. When you are alone with yourself, just try to look inside and understand. I am sure that this way you will achieve the simple truth: your hero, who is able to understand, support and give hope, is inside you.

Ulviyya Mahmudova,