«Don’t you believe in miracle?

No? then you are wrong, you should believe in yourself!»


Do I believe in miracles? And are there any reasons not to believe in them?

Shouldn’t you call child’s birth, love, passion, grief, memories and many other things, as a miracle or a magic? The trouble is, with the lapse of time we, human beings cease appreciating customary things and we start perceiving actual, unbelievable miracle, as a norm and a natural life process. However, if we tend getting rid of all our stereotypes and observing the world in baby’s impression, we would discover that a miracle, causing everyone’s surprize, actually surrounds us from the first breath till the last one. Look back, feel and hark … Do you distinguish purl of water? Chant of birds? Have a look at television channel «Fauna world», watch a film about affection of a lioness to its cub. People think that in contrary to human being, animals do not have consciousness and sense. However, we observe: it perceives real unfailing love, taking care of its cub! Don’t you see it, as a miracle?!


Probably, not without reason it is said, children are smarter than their parents. I reckon, in these words there is a grain of truth and a person, possessing capacity for surprise as sincerely, as children, is already one step ahead of all others. After all, the child’s mind is open to this world and it is not in search of any universal "life formula” (as for me, it does not exist at all!). Any trifle thing, any new discovery in the course of world learning is always a miracle for a child! That is, namely, a proof of the point that miracles were, miracles are and miracles will occur as long as our amazing planet Earth exists!

And what do you think about our planet itself and each human being inhabiting on it,  is this not a miracle?

Thus, let's have a broader glance. And not only by watching!


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