Seven faces in a week

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It is always good and amazing to be different, however provided, if you retrieve back to yourself …

«Despite of child crying and barking of two doggies, it is always warm and quiet in my house. I am a hospitable woman, love candles on the table and, it is desirable, to have something baked, which is cooked jointly with my small assistant, Arif. Namely, in my house I can easily brood over many things, I find answers to my questions after meditation for whole day,.. The truth might always be found, where love is kept. Native walls of my fortress, my favorite house, which never failed, help realizing the truth …»

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«How to dress the New Year tree? Decorate it, as you wish. The fur-tree should reflect your soul»



Marilyn Monroe said “diamonds are best friends of girls’”. However, I would agree with another statement too, a dog is the best friend of a human being, which loves you, independent on point you are rich or poor and remains loyal to you despite of everything. Besides, a mirror is my friend. Similarly to the statement of my childhood’s favorite actor, Charlie Chaplin: "A mirror is my best friend. Because, when I cry, it never laughs "»


« Marilyn was a vision of beauty, though, in opinion of experts she didn’t possess ideal figure. However, she had a special glamour, charm… Indeed, her ordinary face attracted a millions of eyes, as if it radiated dazzling lights. If I were suggested to play a role of this star, then without meditating I would agree to be Marilyn for a couple of hours …»



«I am a food lover, however, after all I can sleep better on my empty stomach: first, conscience does not torment me and second, by the end of the day it is better not to burden organism with extra energy … However, I love to drink coffee, when it gets dark and to meditate about this and that, for example, about beautiful, particularly, when it rains or light snowflakes whirl outside the window.


«Youth is not age, it is a state of soul. Have around you those persons, who support you and allow you being unpredictable, bold, cheerful and free … Don’t allow someone criticizing you!»


«Gənclik - yaş deyil, ruh halıdır. Ətrafınızı sizə dəstək verən və sizə cəsarətli, əyləncəli və sərbəst olmaq imkanını yaradan insanlarla əhatə edin... Sizi müzakirə etmələrinə icazə verməyin!»





«I like dancing since my childhood. I used to dance lambada and Gipsy Kings. I seem to have an inborn sense of rhythm, therefore I was always good at dancing. Dancing is one of ways of relief for me. After physical strain or stress, while dancing, my soul, body and thoughts get relaxed …»



«I am fond of Luc Besson’s movies, especially "Leon". Matilda is one of my most favorite characters, she is so fragile, wrong, nevertheless, she is very strong and the main thing, she is utterly human. After all, despite of hard life circumstances, she didn’t lose her kindness and she is able to love again...»

«I always know more, than I show at my work place. At times due to non understanding I want to yell and express indignation. However, I pull myself together in due time; I should better warn politely and calmly , while settling a problem at the same time, in contrary to raising my voice and to leave, as it was before»

«I love Oriental culture, clothes, dances, philosophy and the main thing, I am madly fond of Oriental sweets!»

«Tell the truth and not only by means of your eyes, but also by means of your lips. Only in such case you’ll original»


«In my childhood I was afraid of balconies: I was afraid to fall out, my mum told to me, a ground is like a magnet, attracts... In due course my fear was transferred to airplanes. However, I may admit, for the last year I managed overcoming this phobia. I understood, that my internal fear, fright prevent me enjoying my life in full range. If I am still afraid of something, then it is my fear for my beloved and darling people. I want them to be happy like in a fairy tale...»

Photo: Stas Reusth