Gracious beauty

A professional coach of “Neftchi” Sport Health Center, a sport star Elnara Huseynova revealed us a secret of rhythmic gymnastics’ popularity and difficulties, faced by a child and his/her parents.

However, not everyone may come the first and be the best one...

That's all sport, as winners and losers are always here. Selected ones represent their country at competitions and girls with weak physical data, but with high artistic expression, participate at demonstration performances, gala concerts, they are jolly fond of.

Besides, modern rhythmic gymnastics requires enormous efforts. How can a child bear heavy burden and wouldn’t break?

We don’t give to children, at once a load, composed of complete physical program. First of all, girls are engaged in general physical training, such, as stretches, running, etc. Preparation works proceed step by step and, if a girl is talented and she has a strong character, in such case no difficulties would break her.

Do you agree with opinion, that children in big sport don’t have their childhood?

Yes, to some extent. However, such children have multiple advantages, comparing with children, who are far from sport. Sportsmen are permanently attentive, self-collected, disciplined and responsible.

Big sport reveals big prospects either. A sportsman represents his/her country on the global stage, travels all over the world. Childhood of children in sport is incredibly stressful nevertheless, it is very interesting.

Why is rhythmic gymnastics preferable for girls?

The point is, it embodies elegance, beauty, posture and graciousness. The main thing, sport equals to health. Big sport is health and besides, it is great treat, experienced not only by children, but by their parents just as well.

What qualities should future successful gymnasts possess?

The qualities are flexibility, plasticity, external appeal and tallness. Woman gymnast should be tall, because tall girls look effective on a mat.

It happens that parents want their children to be engaged in sport for the sake of their own ambitions.

The main thing is child's wish in contrary to his/her parents’ ambitions. However, it often happens that a girl possesses physical data, but she lacks interest in sport. And it is considered a big challenge for a coach to develop this in him or in her. In such case entertainment form of training in accompaniment with fun music comes to rescue.

Interest is considered to be, as a great incentive for further development in gymnastics and towards good results.