Art Diffusion

D’Orsay, Grand-Palais and thousand more exhibition platforms…If you are not at the exhibition, then, you are not in Paris, where even cemeteries are like museums. Check in at Louvre and selfie with Mona Lisa are not the only achievements from such cultural tour. After all, art, according to Bachelard, doubles life, thrilling our consciousness, “without letting it fall sleep”. And this massive excited consciousness wanders around exhibit halls, unwittingly confirming what was said by poet: “I am the space where I am”. I observe this process of art diffusion through the viewfinder: human is not the spectator, consumer anymore, he is art himself…

“Truth did not come into the world naked, but it came in types and images” (The Gospel of Philip)

“I am against terms like ‘fantasy’ and ‘symbolism’... Our whole inner world is real, perhaps even more real than the visible world” (Mark Chagall)


Text and photo by Leyla Sultanzadeh

The reportage was published in the 54th issue.