Кубизм в Центре Помпиду

Cubism at the Center Pompidou

“The artist should not think that he can be truthful by imitating supposedly stable things, since they are actually continuously changing. Things in themselves do not exist at all. They exist only through us”


Founders of the creative association "Yaradan" establish conditions for identification and development of abilities of children aged from 12 up to 16 years, including disabled children, from needy families, from boarding schools and shelters and also contribute to their adaptation in society
Тот, кто рисует любовь

He, who paints love

"For several years I have been observing the warm art by Joseph Lorusso. He paints supposedly the life he has watched – in cafes, museums, and apartments of his characters"
Бестселлеры: чем радует 2018-й?

Top bestsellers of 2018

Don’t worry, I don’t put the carriage before the horse, in my attempt to summarize "book" results of the year ahead of time. Simply, I am informing you on bestsellers of 2018, expecting you to read them and give a head start to your friends!