Формула чемпиона

Champion`s Formula

His story develops at the speed of a car, we all need a tele-rep: we didn’t have time to dry the paint on the fresh issue of Nargis with the five-time champion Lewis Hamilton on the cover – and on Sunday the 14th of July he won the royal race for the sixth time on the legendary Silverstone, setting a new record for the British Grand Prix!
Николай Цискаридзе. Первая звезда

Nikolai Tsiskaridze. The first star

"I ask each child a question: “Why does the myrtle branch break? Love? There is no love! He has a cross on his chest and a cross behind him, he is surrounded by Christianity, and she is from the other world.” It is a pity that the understanding of such subtleties is lost and works of art lose their value..."
Человек эпохи классицизма

Человек эпохи классицизма

Талантливым нужно родиться или это – результат практики и усидчивости? Что важнее: гены или окружение? Фархад Шамсиевич Бадалбейли, талантливый представитель почти утраченной эпохи, носитель интеллигентного, благородного бакинского духа в свойственной ему добродушной манере терпеливо "разложил по нотам" ответы на все мои вопросы
Господин Никто


He left filming industry for 6 huge years, dedicated himself to music: toured with his rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars and enjoyed his life. Fate decided to make changes to his life, and "Mr. Nobody" was immediately crowned with laurels
«Кому – так, кому – знак»

Word to the wise

In his 60th jubileum year Babi Badalov visited Baku to host his solo exhibition at YARAT Contemporary Art Space