Editor's Diaries

Nargismagazine’s editor-in-chief, Ulviya Rahmanova shares with us in a new column about the most dazzling impressions of her visit and observations. Presently, she shares with us her photos from recent Croatia and Montenegro visit.

1.The first photo: In Montenegro



2. At last I got to Hvar island. I didn’t make reservation in a hotel, so there were no vacant rooms, luckily one room was found eventually. Ferries don’t make frequent trips, for example it takes two hours to reach here from Korcula island-so it is better to make a preliminary travel plan.

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia. Handmade necklace, purchased in small shop for 30 Euro. Such bright accent is nicely complements dark cocktail color dress.

4. For the first time I taste oyster. On my way from Dubrovnik to Hvar I met a fisherman, who treated me with fresh oysters. Perceptions are unusual. Later I ordered oysters in the restaurant, however they appeared to be not so tasty, like first ones.

5. I rented a boat in Dubrovnik and for 2.5hours I got to Korcula island, toMarco Polo’s motherland, where his mother is buried. I visited a museum house, which turned out to be a narrow small room.


6. This ornament is observed here in every place, even on the dress.

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7. Montenegro, old city Budva. A placard drew my attention: eyes, displayed on it are always fixed on you. However I found the way out, I, simply stood under “eyes”

8. One should be careful in Adriatic sea, in avoidance of coming across with sea urchins. However, I frequently encounter with these prickly animals in Bodrum, so I have my own, specific approach to them.
I would advice to amateurs of climbing, to whose number I relate myself, to purchase rubber shoes.

9. At last I reached my home, my native publishing house.


Ulviyya Mahmudova