New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday

New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday

Charles Lamb


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My dear Nargis readers! We dedicated this issue to symbolism. What are symbols? The mysterious coded messages whether left to us by ancestors, whether sent from above…The only thing I know – they always have a deep meaning, and, believe it or not, affect our lives.

In this issue we would like to reveal this topic as fully as possible, and finally, find out the secret meaning of at least main symbols of our life. But is it possible to solve this case and find any final answer? Maybe we all came to this world to realize this…

I want to wish you and all your loved ones best of luck at your life path in the New Year, kind neighbors and loyal friends! Do not forget how important it is to stay sincere, tolerant, loving in any situation! Love your house, your family, forgive even your enemies. Do not seek flaws in others and always do good – at least a little bit, just once a day!

And I also want to thank you for reading us and loving our magazine, for following our Instagram page nargis_magazine.

Have a Happy New Year, my friends!

P.S. And do not forget to leave somewhere near the fireplace or window a glass of milk and cookies for Santa Claus!


Ulviyya Mahmudova,