People, determined to establish their own business, most commonly need not only a startup capital, but much more importantly, an idea for business. One may find it, only if that person searches his/her soul, understands what can exactly rekindle fire in his/her soul, give strength and lend credibility to oneself: then all other persons will not hold him/her in distrust! But, how one may choose an idea for business from plentitude of readymade ideas? I reckon, it is necessary to take an option, aimed not only at earning: the main point is to grow the business and to develop it with loving care! After all, if the foundation is laid with love, then its future success is more feasible!

Besides, an important secret is, one should go to the place he/she wishes to and not to the place he/she needs to ...

Ulviya Makhmudova,

Chief Editor

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