Azerbaijani music is an amazing phenomenon. I, like many people in our country, for a long time thought that we had no alternative genres, and there will not be any. Radio broadcasting receivers and TV broadcasts of melody "bayağı" (low-quality) make more and more people often turn to foreign performers for quality tracks. BUT, who is looking (in our case I), he will find. Encouraged by new musical discoveries that prove that music in Azerbaijan is alive and diverse, we present you our top 3 completely new projects. Read, listen, enjoy!

 1. "DədəBaba"

A satirical rock band engaged in the popularization of folk music in modern processing. In addition to the genre difference from the tons of music coming into our ears, DədəBaba promotes social themes in its songs, which can not but please the thinking listener. Rock is alive, and some of it even settled in Baku with our satirists.

2. "Ya Tosiba"

The Azerbaijani-Norwegian duet, making incredibly strange and thus very attracting music. When listening for the first time, you do not immediately understand what language these unusual songs are performed in. And after listening, you begin to distinguish familiar, "your" words. A perfect combination of electronic music with impregnations of native motifs.

3. "Kəllə-kəlləyə"

We decided not to single out a separate artist, but a whole project, which only recently appeared on the vast expanses of the Azerbaijan youtube. The format of rap-battles promises to be something very interesting. Rap - not just a set of words that are readable to the rhythm, it's a whole culture, the interweaving of rhymes, punchlines, bits. We add them to the top in the hope of revealing new poets of our time.