Renata Litvinova. Inspired by Love

Vulnerable, she does not put her career at the forefront and harmoniously feels herself in an elegant retro image. The main source of Renata Litvinova`s inspiration is love. To yourself, to those who are close to you, to the world, to every new day that promises many possibilities and vibrant, unique experiences. According to her, "the main motivation in a person's life is to love."


But if love is the main motivator, then what remains after its departure?

I do not know the answer, because my love does not go away from me anywhere and flows into other forms. If I lose my loved ones, I will probably disappear.

Another quote of yours: "Art is not a refuge of normal." What is the norm for you?

I do not mean anything bad under the words "man in the street", "petty bourgeois" - most of them are like everyone else. Probably, they are the norms in my understanding.


Women love jewellery. What are your first childhood impressions of them?

I always liked my grandmother's and mother's rings, I loved when they wore them. Grandmother wore only “on the way out”, and mother always, even to work. I myself loved to go to haberdashery, in Soviet times there was a department of jewellery. For a long time, I would look at the sparkling behind the glass. There was a huge selection. Sometimes even I begged my mother for a small brooch. So I always had a weakness for jewellery. Put it this way: I do not doubt that they must be possessed. In the end, they comforted and pleased me. My mother, a single mother, as they said, had not been spoiled by gifts. She did not have the opportunity to buy them herself, we lived on her doctor salary, so she had every story with her favourite ring.  The first was given by my grandmother- with piercing ruby red, like a drop of blood. Then my mother gave it to me. The second, with a narrow mysterious stone, she bought herself and always wore. Now I try to give my mother jewels, they delight and adorn a woman of any age. Moreover, there is a belief that diamonds should be donated, then they bring happiness.

Do jewellery endow a woman with power and authority?

Of course. Since ancient times kings wore jewellery as a garment worn on themselves, a few kilograms. Jewellery keeps you from the evil eyes of enemies and evil thoughts of others. I have an amulet - grandmother's bright red beads. If they are on my neck, everything dark bounces off of me as if they were magical.

What do you love most: rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces?

I love everything! I love Art Deco. I also love something copyright, crazy. And brilliant stones in a simple frame - rubies, Paraiba-tourmalines, opals.


Do you have any jewellery that you want to give to your daughter Ulyana?

I always tell her that parents should educate their children and leave no inheritance. All rich children, or almost all, lack motivation.

Do you set a framework for yourself, beyond which it is impossible to go beyond?

Of course, there is a mass of frameworks - at least seven deadly sins, at least to control them, and gluttony, pride, and anger come in there... There is something to work on. I would never wish to answer a person with violence and pain. I always forgive, though, not always restore relationships.

Your detachment from the "earthly" does not interfere to solve technical problems during filming?

This is an illusion about my detachment. When it is necessary to organize a huge number of people during the shooting, I go and show the will to perform the character. I assure you, I am obsessed with my desire to make a film. I do not know what can stop me. Even death will wait because we have a good relationship with her because I made the movie “The Last Tale of Rita” about her and played it myself.


Is your work in the field of fashion another facet of creative talent or something else?

When you make a film, you still write the script, imagine the characters - how they are dressed, how they walk, what accessories and jewels they use, and my work as a designer is only part of my directorial work. Anyway my capsule collection - very cinematic, feminine, in a sense, "unfashionable", out of time, for all occasions. Especially when creating an author's collection, I always pursue two goals - an adequate price and good quality. In addition to the fact that the thing should be appropriate for any woman, not fanciful, but elegant.

At one of the events, you shocked the audience by appearing in a dress with rats. Is this your way of expression?

Everyone took it as shocking, but for me, this dress is a piece of art, part of the image. And then, I had a rat Lara for a long time - I treat these clever creatures well, unlike the majority.

Does work on new collections and scenarios have similarities?

The script is a series of heroines and heroes, dreams, images, music that flashes through your head, this is almost the same collection that I will film my characters on film. By the way, I recently sold all the "couture" dresses from the movie "The Last Rita's Tale" at a charity auction. And the money went to fund "Anton`s right here."

What are you working on right now?

I write two scripts at once. One detective, I want to shoot it in Paris. The second - about spies - more ambitious plan. In each, there are many heroines, mysterious beauties in sparkling diamonds, for the sake of which they can go to great lengths, even to crime.

Material published in the tenth issue.

Interview: Nigar Maharramova  Photo: Alexey Kolpakov