I have everything and I have nothing

I have everything and I have nothing that belongs to me forever


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I want to own everything, which means to own nothing.

Erich Maria Remarque

Magnetism…magnetism…what do you fell, who do you think of, when you hear this word? Seems like people with this quality have a special gift – their energy is capable of attracting, influencing thoughts and behavior of other people and even controlling them. Of course, not all the people are equally given this quality. However each of us possesses a certain share of charisma. Which means that magnetism could be developed in ourselves, as well as intelligence, and willpower. I would like to notice that at the same time we also multiply our power the thinking. Because when desired people can do almost the impossible! But how to develop the magnetism in ourselves? To do that, it is necessary to grow constantly, to develop each day, each hour. It is necessary to learn to forgive, first of all yourself, that is trying to achieve harmony with yourself and with people who surround you as much as possible. Harmonious person always (you could say, automatically) attracts other people: he gives his confidence to people around, and they, unknowingly, start listening to him. Analyze not the people around, but yourself – neighbor's character does not concern you. The important thing is: the way you react (don't react) to what's happening. Observe yourself and always try to understand and heed yourself in the first place. Couple other important points to be passed to increase the magnetism, your energy. First of all, anyone, wishing to increase his personal magnetism, strengthen his spirit and develop mental strength needs to endure the experience of... loneliness. This is some sort of ≪detox≫ from people who somehow are able to influence you.

The second thing is to stop being afraid. And in order to get rid of fears, it is necessary to rely on the Superior power in everything, to understand and accept the fact (and it really is the fact!) that in this regard not so much depends on us. The third – get you head out of the clouds, try to be the person "of this world", always see the big picture. To someone may find this the easiest thing. But believe me, in my case this is one of the most difficult tasks. It is important to be able to analyze, to look at the situation by another eyes and from a different sight. And, above all – to feel and understand the position of another man, to realize that he is a particular person, the same huge ball of energy, as well as you, and you have no right to judge him. Like that you will develop your emotional intelligence, your thinking will become more flexible, and you – wiser. And you don't have to go on about your wisdom: after such work on yourself and your "I" people will begin to reach for you even if you will keep silent.

Ulviyya Makhmudova