Prestigious Nikon photo contest celebrated its 50th anniversary. Over 33,000 photographers from 170 countries have submitted 97,369 applications – and here are the winners.


Grand Prize. Sara De Antonio Feu, Spain, "Ayimpoka"

Gold Prize. Jason Parnell-Brookes, UK, "Alma and Alzheimer’s” 


Gold Prize, Thaib Chaidar, Indonesia, "Hope"

Silver Prize, Zay Yar Lin, Myanmar, "Unique Love"

Silver Prize, Ziheng Wang, China, “A Grandfather’s Emotions”

Silver Prize, Antonio Aiello, Italy, “I want to tell you a story”

Silver Prize, Jiangyu Zheng, China, “A Person in an Oil Painting”

Bronze Prize, Yi Liu, China, “What We Must Bear”

Bronze Prize, Jeong Baek Ho, South Korea, “Ice fishing people”

Bronze Prize, Manojit Mitra, India, “Generation Gap”

Tu Jinghan, China

Tu Jinghan, China

Thaib Chaidar, Indonesia

Thaib Chaidar, Indonesia

Thaib Chaidar, Indonesia


NPC 50th Anniversary Prize, Helena Pelletier, Canada

Participants' Choice Prize, Huaming Zhao, China