Make the Earth Smile

Over the past years we have gradually come to realize how many problems were created by irrational human activities for our one and only planet. Today, the attention of society is riveted to the problems of the catastrophic pollution of nature, air pollution and the resulting global warming, environmental safety and, finally, the responsibility of mankind for its impact on the environment. Every day we see in the news how glaciers are melting in Antarctica, trees are being cut down all over the world, “lungs of the planet” – forests in the Amazon – are burning, fish and other living creatures are dying in the seas and oceans... We have become increasingly ill, although the medicine seems to be progressing. More and more people are left without clean drinking water, and advertising touts us products containing GMOs. Big changes are taking place in nature, which will soon greatly affect our health and lifestyle and, believe me, not in the best way! I don’t know, maybe this is part of our human nature – to be infinitely selfish? But now is the time to understand: we must spare our planet, not even for the sake of our grandchildren, but for our own sake. Having fully realized the problem, I try to accept my contribution to the global movement for a clean environment. I began by monitoring the reasonable consumption of electricity and water, I try to buy less food so as not to throw away excess, then I limited myself in eating meat, although I just adore it.

I think each of us should join this movement for a better future for our planet, and you can start small: learn to turn off the light when it is not needed, appreciate and save water. Try to transfer to electric car – it's very cool! Plant at least one tree and try not to eat meat, chicken and fish more than your body needs. Stop hunting for fun, find yourself another, more humane hobby. Get accustomed and teach your children not just to throw out the garbage, but to sort it in different containers, and even better – to hand it in for recycling. It should be the same for us all like how to brush our teeth in the morning. To do this, you just need to love yourself and this world – all that the Lord God created! Do not destroy His creation, but multiply! Although, unfortunately, today the conversation is about how to save and restore what we have already destroyed...

P.S. Our Nargis magazine hosted the Make the Earth Smile Recycling Exhibition on New Baku Boulevard. It will be open until October 5th. Thirteen installations from recycled materials will tell you about man and his attitude to nature. Do not miss this show! Do not miss those chances to witness the unusual transformations of seemingly unnecessary waste into admirable works of art. I thank our sponsors! You are one of those who do great good deeds, who care about the fate of our planet, and this will remain in history!

Ulviyya Mahmudova,