Everybody dance!

Accessories Roberto Coin, collection Gourmette (boutiques Glampire Jewellery and Royal Collection)

Hair & makeup by Aynur by Sesem

I have never been in India, but I really want to go visit this ancient country, the pearl of Asia! I think that everyone should do this once in a lifetime. Seeing bright, beautiful Indian dresses and fabulous accessories on a movie screen, you only wish to throw a theme party where everybody wears national costumes and dances to the music just like the Indians, dancing on the street, at home, on a roof, on subway, at hospital – in a word, everywhere! And, in my opinion, this has a very deep philosophy: these great people teach us to enjoy life every minute, accept any call of destiny and to solve any problems with song, dance and a smile, relying on cohesion of family and on the fact that the Good always overcomes the Evil. And this is exactly what our March issue, dedicated to Bollywood is about. 

I think that being an actor in Bollywood is much harder than in Hollywood. There you need to be able not only to transform but also to sing and smile sincerely… I remember the movie "Seeta and Geeta" since childhood, which gave an ocean of warm feelings to everyone. These fantastically bright dresses and music never leave my mind! It belongs to the movies leaving a life lasting impression, unlike some other foreign movies... A plot in the Bollywood movie, as a rule, is pretty simple, even naive. But that is the phenomenon of the Indian cinema, because with all its predictability more and more people every year are mesmerized by its magic. Probably, it’s all about the fact that today when everything is so available, aggressive and sometimes perverted, the world of Bollywood managed to keep childish immediacy and belief in good – what we miss today so much!

“Life is long, but out time is short…” from movie “You and Me”


Ulviyya Makhmudova, Editor-in-chief