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Journey to Shahdag

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There is a magnificent waterfall with the same name in highland village Laza (Gusar region). To take these photos, I had to climb to rock barefoot. It was hard to climb, but it was worthwhile climbing.

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The restaurant Khydyr is at Shahdaq exit: some booths offer a picturesque view to the area. Bleating of cows and other sounds, peculiar to countryside, puts real crimp, by creating a unique flavor. Photo. On background of funny statuettes. Meal in the restaurant - 7 points from 10.

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We are going to cart races – special cars without gas and brakes, they just let it down the hill and you must steer, relying on your experience. I recommend it to those, who is fond of extreme sport.

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Segway is convenient for movement in the city centre. You shouldn’t admit any extra movements, simply, it is necessary only to learn observing balance. I don’t recommend riding on mountains, otherwise you get dizzy.

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Laza rock. Not planned and very interesting photo, made by my colleague, an employee Vasif buro247.az.

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Тата is my fellow worker. We are near Suvar restaurant on the mountain’s highest peak, food is very delicious here (it is more tasty, than in Khydyr).


Photo with horses: I am fond of horses and generally, I like nature. For locals this is a way to earn money. Horses are harmless, very calm and gentle, whether they are tired or hungry.

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View from restaurant Khydyr

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One of Shahdag’s attractions looks more frightening, than in a photo. I went riding for the second time, though I was afraid of height a lot. However adrenaline addiction is stronger than fear.

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