Nobody knows where a miracle will be born

How did the wings of an eagle appear,

The first song came from,

Where first love came.

Mirza Shafi Vazeh

Dress and fur coat by MALEONE CONCEPT STORE

Make-up: Hussein, Hair: Shalala – Dogkan Aynur by Sesem

In childhood, we all believe in Santa Claus (or Santa Claus). Becoming adults, we stop. But here in astrology, horoscopes many people believe in the character and fate of a person are written in the stars. Including me. Amazing! Indeed, astrology does not lend itself to rational, scientific substantiation. It was called and is called either pseudoscience or even more offensive: a belief. So what is its secret? Probably, astrology offers us answers to many important questions like, why people are so different, why they behave so differently in this or that situation?. When I meet someone – for example, I recruit a new employee – I will always ask what his zodiac sign is and immediately get an idea of his character, its pluses and possible minuses.

Think about this mystical pattern of stellar influence, no matter how strange and unscientific it may look! Is everything in our life always amenable to an explanation? Is everything that is unprovable wrong? And often just what cannot be explained is much more important for us and allows us to look at things more correctly than what we seem to have a complete understanding of. Or so we think we have... Life itself has taught us to believe in what we can see with our eyes or feel with our hands. But there are things that are perceived only by the “sixth sense”, “third eye”, intuition. For example, love! Do you believe in love? But it also has no scientific explanation. The birth of a child and how an adult grows out of it, the creation of a unique work of art – all these are miracles. And they, too, cannot be explained by any science. Well, if we started talking about astrology, then tell yourself – is it not surprising how precisely people sometimes correspond to their zodiac signs! The skeptic will say: “Prove it to me!” But there is no sense in the proofs, faith decides everything. You just need to set up your “third eye” in order to believe the Cosmos. And, of course, to ourselves. If you have not yet learned this and consider that everything around you should have only a scientific explanation, then you most likely will not be able to access those opportunities that astrology gives a person to know his inner essence and the powerful potential that is given to us by the great and mysterious Cosmos...

Ulviyya Mahmudova,