Men learn to love the woman they are attracted to. Women learn to become attracted to the man they fall in love with


As you read these words, two galaxies the Milky Way and the Andromeda continue to be drawn to each other. The strong gravitational attraction between them like a symbol of cosmic love wins over the dark energy attempting to drive them apart. When two galaxies collide in a sweet kiss and embrace, they will create complete chaos in their systems. Our Solar System, which is part of the Milky Way, will be also impacted by this affection.

We inhabit the planet which is a huge magnet with a magnetic field that can be detected in space at a distance of more than 100 thousand kilometers.
This magnetic field affects all living creatures and is the main force found in nature. The human body is also influenced by magnetic fields since people cannot live without them. Weather-sensitive people react to the magnetic storm with a deterioration in their well-being.

Studies have shown that the intensity of Earth’s magnetic field over the past 1000 years has decreased by 50 percent, and over the past 156 years by another 8 percent. The magnetic field of a person has also decreased, and as a result, the human body is constantly in conditions of a magnetic field deficiency. The main reason for this deficit is the rapid development of civilization. High-rise skyscrapers distanced a man from earth and a huge number of metal machines, structures and installations attracted the magnetic field to themselves, depriving it of people and animals. The magnetic field is also distorted by numerous power lines, telecommunications, and cellular communications.

The shortfall of the magnetic field leads to the disturbance in the blood circulation; the transport of oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues is disturbed, which causes the development of the disease. So, the deficiency of the magnetic field may have the same effect of the insufficiency of vitamins and minerals in the degree of harm they cause to the body.

Living creatures produce a magnetic field called biomagnetism. During life, it is constantly changing. The newborn babies have barely any biomagnetism and during the first month of life, they are especially vulnerable to any external influence. That is why the traditions of many nations prohibit showing a newborn to relatives and friends in the first 40 days after birth. Scientists determined that by this time the first protective shell is formed around the child. The child feels cozier and calmer in the arms of his mom and dad by sensing the parental magnetism and perhaps absorbing the missing energy.

With age, children become more and more energy independent. In other words, the process of growing up might be called energy accumulation. From this point of view, the frightening tricks of adolescence are nothing more than a sign of independence: the magnetism of the individual has reached its level established by nature and does not need additional nourishment. Parents should treat this with understanding, change their behavior, reduce energy exchange with their child because the glut of the biofield is as negative as its insufficiency.

Along with biomagnetism, a mature person carries the charge of magnetic sexuality. True magnetic coitus is complete sexual intercourse, carried out through physical and magnetic exchange. The magnetic exchange may occur even between people of the same sex, although, not always on the sexual level. Two men shaking hands, meeting or spending time together are exchanging magnetic charges of the same polarity. The magnetic charge itself is renewed provided there are friendly, harmonious relations between the partners, that they are people with a healthy balanced psyche, without negative magnetic charges.

A woman has a constant need for man's magnetism, and he, in turn, needs her physically. From a magnetic point of view, a woman receives, and a man gives. A woman who bears a passive or female magnetism draws on the active power of a man, who in turn generates new energy through contact with the female polarity.

A man can satisfy his need for passive female power only through physical contact with a woman. He has a strong physiological need to possess a woman physically, so he frees the power of human Eros, which accumulates in him. If this energy has been accumulated or suppressed for too long, its excess may manifest itself in the form of perverted emotions or fantasies, or in a tendency to sadomasochism. It should be noted that if a man uses a condom during intercourse, he does not receive a magnetic charge.

However, for a woman, there is no need to necessarily enter into physical contact in order to absorb magnetism. She is able to do this through space or simply as a result of intimacy. It is much easier for a woman to maintain her chastity since she can constantly receive satisfaction from magnetic sex, which is stimulated by the forces drawn from the surrounding men.

There are certain categories of women who, for one reason or another, are deprived of male society. Among them, there are serious deviations because women have a constant need for male magnetism. Since female nature is initially set up to receive rather than radiate energy, various neuroses and hysterical diseases arise when women only share their magnetism and there is no exchange. Their magnetism does not receive an active, positive stimulus, and because of this, it accumulates in excess and stagnates.

Because of magnetic hunger, they begin to imitate men unconsciously. Those twenty-five percent of masculinity, which is inherent in them, come to the fore, and they become very aggressive. In men's groups, the opposite is true: men usually tell indecent stories about their real or fictional love affairs and, thus, using fantasy, compensate for the physical absence of women.

It is interesting to note what happens when there is only one man in a women's company. In his daily relationships with them, he gradually loses his psychological masculinity or his magnetic sexuality and gradually acquires feminine traits, becoming weak, indecisive, and unable to make decisions. If such a situation lasts a long time, the result can be very deplorable, and the man becomes impotent. This is because the man serves as the only source of male magnetism for a whole group of women who, in order to satisfy their magnetic needs, absorb his until he feels empty and exhausted.

With regard to the magnetic relationship between a man and a woman, it is appropriate to consider the magnetic polarities and their influence, analyzing the instinctive, mental and cerebral polarities. In the organs of each sex, male and female qualities manifest themselves differently. The brain of women, for example, has male characteristics and is active, while in men it is passive and has female qualities. The heart bears the features of both sexes, both in men and women, both polarities are peculiar to it.

This is the key to the mystery of the relationship within the couple, explaining why a man intellectually depends on a woman. The male brain is a pure matrix, and it remains intellectually sterile until it is fertilized by a woman. That is why the intellectual level of a woman is very important, as it impacts a lot on the quality of the work produced by the man. Most men never achieve their desired goals because they do not receive the necessary support and cannot use their own willpower to carry out their plans.

The scientific and technological revolution has enriched man. But it also deprived the body of the magnetic field vital for its existence. It is the magnetic field that makes us adequate, allows us to bring the work started to the end, to realize our plans.

It is possible to restore the magnetic field, being in nature, among trees, where there is a lot of oxygen. Another way is to start every morning with a special breathing practice called pranayama that saturates the brain with oxygen. Meditations also help people to maintain their magnetic field because the meditative process makes our brain work more actively, increasing the blood circulation in our body.

Life is nothing but a collision of two magnetic forces with different polarity. And in today’s world with dynamics observed in the shifting social roles of a man and a woman, it is still the symbiosis of two genders that keeps the life moving. Instead of searching for a substitute for each other, we should look for ways to sustain the physical relationship between a man and a woman. To be a man and to be a woman by nature, and not by conditions and circumstances.

Text: Leyli Salayeva

Photo: Press materials